Manage key data about each child.

Child Care Central will help you run a successful child care business by keeping track of each child’s vaccination details, medical information and other important information.

Create Visual Profiles

Extensive fields enable you to build a comprehensive profile of each child and their family, ensuring you have essential and easily identifiable profile information. Upload individual head and shoulder photographs of each child in your care or, alternatively, display an image of the child that captures their unique personality, celebrating the children in your care. As each child progresses through your child care service, you can update main profile images of children in your Child Care Central software. Be assured our web-based ccs software is hosted securely in Australia.

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Immunisation Record for a child in care

Immunisation Status

As required by the child care system regulations in Australia, every child care provider must sight and save copies of Immunisation records for children in centre based care. Upon sighting relevant medical documents, you can update Immunisation Records in the child’s profile at a click of a button or select only those Immunisation records that apply. This is just another way Child Care Central subsidy software makes it easier for you to stay on top of important compliance.

Medical Requirements

An important task for a child care provider is to ensure all staff are aware of the medical needs of children in their care. This requires up to date record keeping and filing. Child Care Central software makes it easy to keep track any specific medical conditions, allergies or medicines for each child. All-important notes, contacts, medical history and medication requirements are saved in the child profile and can be updated at anytime from any device. This gives peace of mind for your staff, parents and guardians and most importantly for the children in your care.

Medical alerts for a child in care
How Child Care Central manages alerts

Alert Notification

To help your staff during their busy days caring and educating the children in care at your service, Child Care Central software features “Alert Notifications”. This can be turned on and off as a flag on each child’s profile. You can set specific alerts around allergies, behaviour, guardian access or other important matters for your child care service.


As Child Care Central software is web-based, you can access to update files from any device at any time. This means you don’t have to be sitting in the office to upload and attach to each child’s profile any relevant documents required for child care enrolment. Important documents a child care provider must have on file includes birth certificate, enrolment forms, medical immunisation, health management plans, incident reports or excursion forms just to name a few. Child Care Central software supports Microsoft Office and PDF when saving files.

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Inactive children

Never lose a child record

Child Care Central is web-based ccs software. This means your service can store all child records securely online and access any time from any device.  You will be able to view active and inactive children within your child care service. This is very handy for when a child might come back to your service, for example with before school, after school or vacation care. Having a central repository of all your child and family records, online, helps to run a successful child care business, reduces storage of paper-based files and provides a ready back up for any compliance visits.

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