Reports any which way.

Easily run and tailor reports to know what’s going on in your business.

Reports from all parts of your business

Child Care Central’s reporting feature lets your run reports from all parts of your business such as child, financial, operations, waitlists, debtors for the fields and dates your determine.

Showing dropdown box of different types of standard reports
Dashboard views of capacity

Dashboard Views

Our dashboard pulls your reports into a graphical representation of your key data, and is also context sensitive, depending where you are in the system so you can get a visual perspective on your information.

Report and Auditing of E-signatures

With our search and reporting functionality you can see who signed a child out on a specific date at a specific time and by whom.

Having this feature is helpful when you are required to show proof of who signed a child in and out on a specific day.

Showing Sign-in and out times
Daily Session Times for a Long Day Care Report

Accountable Reports

From time to time you need information that is  in addition to statements. Our Child Care Central reports are detailed and accurate. You have multiple ways to view and extract the information and importantly, the data in the system has strong integrity as the base information is locked down and can’t be manipulated.

Transparent CCSS Reports

Child Care Central tracks the details of every transaction submitted to CCSS as well as recording the government’s (CCSS) receipt of the transaction and acknowledgment receipt. At any time you have ability to review what has been submitted. This can be viewed along with the CCSS payment reconciliation report that we import from the government system in to Child Care Central.

Showing when information was submitted to the government's CCSS site.

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