Digital e-Signatures: what parents want.

A major time-saving, paper-saving and — in today’s world — expected — feature.

E-signatures for faster sign-ins

Digital or electronic signatures streamline the sign in and out of parents for attendance.
Parents can create their own easy-to-remember 4 to 8 digit secure PIN. Authorised pick-ups can also be assigned their own individual PIN.

E-signature generator

Added Security

PIN numbers are extremely secure and private to the PIN holder. Forgotten PINS can be easily and securely re-issued.

Less paperwork, less headaches

Electronic signatures help reduce physical paperwork in your business as well as the risk of mis-placed paperwork, or having to follow-up and get parents to sign in their child after the fact. It also reduces disputes over days in care as everything is captured electronically.

e-signature sign in screen for parent with 2 children in care

Simple for Multiple Children

Parents with two or more children in care can sign all children in / out at the same time.

Oops Message

Child Care Central provides a process to remind parents to sign a child’s attendance or absence if they forget to sign in / out at their last attendance.

OOPs message for when a parent did not sign in or sign-out a child

Want to get paid quickly and easily online?

Make it easy for parents to pay you with our redPAY payment gateway that provides fast and secure BPAY, Direct Debit options and real-time transactions.

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