Discover cost savings and other benefits of handing your admin to our Child Care Central team. 

Below are four key areas our experienced team will look after in your business.

We take away the headaches of keeping up to date with changes to the Child Care Subsidy, HR, and compliance aspects of your childcare business.

Our admin staff will improve your overall efficiency by coordinating regular bookkeeping duties for hand-over to your accountant to complete Business Activity Statement (BAS).

Payment Collection
The team will liaise with parents over debts and payment issues. We don’t want you to stress over chasing unpaid invoices and overdue childcare fees. Child Care Central will work with you to get your owed childcare fees faster.

Parent Hotline
When your parents need answers to their fees, re-adjustments, or other matters they can come straight to us. Also, if you need a childcare subsidy fee estimator, we can help.

By using our Admin Services, your childcare business is in safe and knowledgeable hands. Our experts are ready to take care of all your admin needs. You can say goodbye to compliance or payment issues. We are here to help you manage a successful childcare business.

Learn more about Child Care Centrals Administrative Services, here.