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Yes. We offer a demonstration. Please click in the grey panel at the bottom of the page BOOK A DEMO button to book a demonstration.

You can start the process by clicking in the grey box below on the BUY NOW button to get started. Alternatively, if you want to talk to someone and ask questions or request a demonstration before buying, please call us on 1300 733 667.

Included in the initial setup cost of the system is two online one-on-one training sessions. Each of these sessions usually last about an hour and are personalised to the areas of the system you want to use. We also offer mentoring services where we support your during the first week or two of using the system. We can be on hand (over the phone and online) the first time you submit data to CCSS, or the first time you invoice your parents.

We can offer training on site, but there will be additional costs of $810/day plus travel and expenses.

We also offer regular webinars on specific topics. Please keep an eye on this page for upcoming webinar dates.

We can also arrange one-on-one training sessions for new staff members, but these will incur a fee (currently $110 hour).

Child Care Central is a web-based solution. All you need is reliable internet access. Supported browsers include:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

Javascript must be enabled on the browser. For all Microsoft browsers after Internet Explorer 8+, it is assumed that the browser has been kept up to date. Other system requirements are a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768.

Our contract specifically states that you own the data. If you leave Child Care Central, and if requested, your data will be provided within 30 days in a machine readable format and in a format that can be reconstructed. A small charge for compiling and returning your data will be billed to you (currently $55). At a suitable scheduled time, we will delete your data from our system.

It will depend upon the reason for leaving. If it was the fault of Child Care Central, then a pro-rata portion of any annual prepaid subscription may be paid to you. If you leave through no fault of Child care Central, then there is no refund.

Apart from users you setup in your version to access the system, Child Care Central staff also have access. This access is only available to staff for the purposes of supporting the system. This will include our help desk support staff, and software development team. All of our staff undergo police checks and working with children checks.

Because we host Child Care Central in our data centre, we are capable of releasing new features and improvements on a regular basis. We can also deploy any emergency fix on the same day.

Child Care Central schedules maintenance down times in the after-hours period, which may be a weekday night or weekend day. Clients are notified in advance of the scheduled downtime periods.

You can call our support desk during business hours Monday to Friday Ph 1300 733 667. Our support desk usually answer calls within 20 seconds and 90% of the time can solve your query on the first call. If your issue is more involved, our production support staff are on hand to assist our support desk team. Our target is to resolve all issues on the same day, and if not, then to keep you posted on actions to solve your issue. The system also contains a ‘Support’ module in which you will find a user guide, tip sheets and videos.

Our data centre configuration provides for a second fail-over data centre site. Your data is not only backed up once a day, but also protected with data snapshots throughout the day. This means if we have to restore the data base, we can use the snapshots throughout the day rather than data from the previous day. This means transactions up to 5 minutes before a disaster event maybe lost, rather than a full day worth.

Yes. Your data is stored in Australia in a data centre arrangement that complies with the Department of Human Services External Cloud Service Provider Policy.

The regulations are primarily concerned about parents signing enrolment, medication and attendance records. The Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 (National Law) defines ‘sign’ as including ‘the affixing of a seal or the making of a mark’ (section 12 of schedule 1). This allows electronic signatures or password protected records to be used to meet the requirements of the National Law and National Regulations.

Specific migrations questions.

If you have questions regarding moving to Child Care Central from a different child care management system we are here for you. This Q&A will help with that.
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