Our mission

To be the trusted partner of organisations wanting intuitive software solutions, outsourced business processing services and caring client relationships.

What’s important to you?

For individuals and organisations alike there are often one or two reasons that influence the decision to go with one provider over another.

Here’s WHY we believe we are the best provider to Child Care and OSHC Services in Australia.

Our founder and CEO, Stephen Menhinnitt, started Redbourne in 2000, initially after winning a government tender to provide software and program coordination services to Queensland Health. This contract continues to this day. In 2004 the Company was awarded a national contract with the federal government to manage the Child Care Access Hotline (CCAH).

Our exposure to childcare services through the CCAH contract made us aware that the industry needed better software and administration support services. As a consequence we entered the childcare software market in 2007 with Child Care Central — the first truly web based childcare software product.

Since 2007 the Company has grown to be in the top two or three Australian childcare software providers.

The Redbourne Group (owners of Child Care Central) has secured a number of six and seven figure state and federal government contracts. To be awarded sizeable contracts, the company must meet a number of minimum standards, such as;

    • IT and data security to a level suitable for holding and managing government health and police data.
    • A software development process that delivers trusted and reliable systems.
    • Back-up resources in software development and customer support.
    • Software products that are up to date with modern practices, frameworks and tool sets.
    • A professional approach to software development and product support

Our Child Care Central clients receive the same standard of software development and support as the company’s large government clients.

We understand that many child care Services have limited internal IT resources and budgets, yet require robust software solutions and support to deliver essential services. Through acquisition and re-development we have become a trusted supplier of reliable, custom software to the childcare industry with signature products including Harmony, Child Care Central and KindCare.

When Child Care Central was launched in 2007 it was the first online CCMS system. As a result of its innovation it won an Australian Business Award for e-business. Our Child Care Central software was always CCMS and now CCSS Compliant and we are committed to ensuring that that will always be the case. Our clients need that certainty.

We set out to understand childcare businesses, how they operate, what government requires from them, what parents want, and then develop software and services to automate and streamline processes, improve efficiencies and save time, money and resources.

Where we see a client specific request being of value to all in that sector, we will develop the wished-for functionality at no charge and roll it out to all clients as part of progressive product upgrades delivered under subscription contracts.

Because of this, clients trust Redbourne to provide the core software solutions and functionality they require into the future and for those solutions to be logical and intuitive.

We are serious about customer service and long-term relationships. Around 50% of our staff are in client support roles and our call centre is located in Australia, not offshore.

We understand that clients need budget certainty. Our clients are reassured through highly affordable, annual fixed pricing that includes product releases and free telephone support, making it easier to budget for their IT investments.

Many of our clients often feel alone in the work that they do and appreciate a helping-hand. As part of our mentoring service we are with our clients each time they first do a process to guide them through the steps and ensure they do it correctly.

In working with child care businesses we identified the need for back office support. We can manage all of the administration aspects of a Service’s business, everything to do with processing, CCSS and more, including bookkeeping, invoicing and debt collection. So organisations can get on with dealing with their customers and running their businesses, we offer our Child Care Central clients the option of taking up all or a selection of our Administration Service offerings.

We know how important cashflow is to businesses. In working with child care services we saw a need for improved payment systems that would speed payments and not charge excessive amounts for each transaction. redPAY, our secure electronic payment gateway that enables Direct Debit, BPay and real-time payments, was born and today is widely used amongst many of our clients.

Our company has evolved to provide highly-customisable solutions not just for childcare but also for police and allied health industries, supporting many organisations (and people) in our society that support and care for others. This is important to our staff and helps create greater meaning and commitment to the work they do. We are a flexible workplace with trusted, loyal and diverse staff that enjoy coming to work every day and stepping up to new challenges. As a result we are known as much for our people as we are for our products.

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