2 July 2018

Clients can relax knowing all their submissions will go through. Redbourne is able to help other Services migrate to Child Care Central.

The Redbourne Group is pleased to announce that their new CCSS approved Child Care Central is processing Services’ CCS subsidy and government transactions as intended with no delays or interruptions to clients’ processing.

“With our 15 years of government experience and understanding the extreme priority of CCSS processing we made sure we nailed this critical component so that all of our Services could be up and running confidently and effectively by 2 July,” said Stephen Menhinnitt, CEO of the Redbourne Group.

“We devoted extra resources to testing and development and also to training and supporting our LDC and OSHC client base move across to the new processing environment,” he said. “When incorporating the new CCSS specifications we also enhanced the functionality for the benefit of Services.”

As part of this, Child Care Central’s CCSS software now provides:

  • Automatic overnight updates, ensuring that the information in the system is up to date every morning.
  • CCSS transaction logs (a log where you can see what time CCSS received the data)
  • Real time submissions. The Child Care Central system submits data to CCSS as soon as you press the button. If the CCSS network is busy, the system will keep attempting to submit to CCSS. We don’t wait and batch them up at a later time.

Other CCSS features within the system include:

  • CCSS compliant statements
  • Transparent CCSS reports
  • CCSS Vacancies management.

Mr Menhinnitt also said that Redbourne was able to move Services across to Child Care Central. “We have fielded quite a few calls from people using different systems that are experiencing some hiccups and hurdles. We understand their pain and we are here to help them move across to a reliable and fully functioning CCSS system.”

Interested parties should get in touch with Child Care Central today. Contact details are here.