Streamlined Receipting.

Automation and greater control of the receipting process.

Brand your own Receipts

Create professional receipts that feature your business logo and automatically incorporates your ABN, address, invoice number, bank account payment terms and methods and other standard information that you want to add.

Professional Receipt for payment of child care services

Apply payment to specific Invoices

With Child Care Central ccs software you have the flexibility to apply payment to specific invoices or parts thereof, or have it automatically applied to the oldest invoice.

Showing the option to apply payment to a certain invoice

Receipt Register for Parents or Guardians

Integrated with our Parent Portal in Child Care Central, parents or guardians can view receipts for all payments they have made to your child care or OSHC service in one location. No more searching a full inbox for missing receipts.

Choose how you send Receipts

After you record and save a receipt you can choose to email the receipt to parents/guardians or provide printed copies.  You can easily go into Child Care Central to find previous receipts and forward copies to parents upon request. This makes the receipting process in your child care business a breeze.

Email Receipt Button confirmation

Automatic Receipting with redPAY

Making life even simpler in your accounts receivable process, we offer the option of integrating our redPAY Payments Gateway to streamline your invoicing and receipting process.

Any payments received via our redPAY Payments Gateway (Optional Module) will automatically create a receipt and send via email to parents or guardians. This includes payments received by direct debit, BPAY, payments through your Parent Portal or directly from your electronic invoice.

redPAY Payment Gateway

Want to get paid quickly and easily online?

Make it easy for parents to pay you with our redPAY payment gateway that provides fast and secure BPAY and Direct Debit options.

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