Parent Portal centralises communications with parents.

Let parents find the information they are looking for. Make it easy to know what’s going on.
No more lost or damaged notices.

Parent Portal is included in your standard software subscription (i.e. no extra cost to the core system)

  • My Account area to: View Invoices, View Receipts
  • My Service area to view: Parent Handbook, Policies & Procedures, Staff Profiles
  • My Personal Settings: Change password

Standard Inclusions

Let parents access “My Account” in your Parent Portal to view statements, pay an invoice, reset their e-Signature Pin and online payment codes.

The Parent Portal is a secure way to share a range of records and daily activities parents truly treasure, such as Learning Stories and Observations, Daily Diaries, snapshots and even Programming.

Young girl's page viewable by her parents

Parent Handbook

Help parents get up to speed with your processes and schedules with an online Parent Handbook. This is just one of the documents you can share via the Parent Portal. By uploading a file to the Parent Portal, the online version is always the most current. This saves you in printing, and keeping out-of-date handbooks. Updated versions can be published whenever you like.

Documents available via Parent Portal including Parent Handbook

Service Policies

By making your Service Policies clearly available on your Parent Portal you make it easier for current and prospective parents to fully understand your terms of Service. It helps eliminate any misunderstandings and can lead to productive conversations and suggestions.

Policy Documents

Staff and Educator Profiles

Electing to put their children in your care is one of the biggest and most trusting decisions any parent/guardian will take. Make it easier for them to feel reassured and help them build rapport with your staff by providing staff and educator profiles securely online. It’s a way of enhancing the friendliness and community-feel of your service.

Share your Staff and Educator profiles on the Parent Portal

Optional Modules for Parent Portal

What is displayed in Parent Portal from each Optional Module?

  • Learning and development Programs
  • Child Portfolio, including Observations, Learning Stories and more
  • Diary, which can be published daily, weekly or at any interval you like
  • Parent feedback can be received, logged electronically and responded to
  • Parent can view their eSignature history
  • Parent can change their PIN
  • Parent/Guardian can create access for other family memebers
  • Parents can access submitted application and enrolment forms

Want to get paid quickly and easily online?

Make it easy for parents to pay you with our redPAY payment gateway that provides fast and secure BPAY, Direct Debit options and real-time transactions.

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