Smart Child Care Enrolment Software

The simple way to keep your enrolments up to date is to use the child care software which does the thinking for you. Our intuitive ccs software is Australian Government Child Care Subsidy System compliant.

Registered for CCS enrolments

Child Care Central is fully registered and compliant for CCS. Child Care Central ccs software is part of the Redbourne Group which has been providing Australian Government registered child care software since 2008. Ongoing investment and commitments to ensuring Child Care Central complies with the latest Australian Government changes as required for the child care sector is a high priority.

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Child Care Enrolment Confirmation

Following up enrolment confirmations for the all-important child care spot is a high priority for any successful child care business. With Child Care Central ccs software click of a button, your parents or guardians will receive an email requesting they confirm their enrolment details with your child care or outside school hours care business.  Every parent or guardian has to meet the Australian Government’s child care Compliant Written Agreements (CWA) requirement so they can receive child care subsidy payments.

Tabs to agree or decline enrolment details and meet CWAs

Pre-populated Child Care or OSHC Enrolments

Using all the required information from a child’s profile into the child care enrolment form saves you or your team members a lot of time. Our smart child care software pre-populates details from a child and family profile. This time-saving feature means your child care or outside school hours care service does not need to re-enter data, as the Child Care Central software ensures all the information you need is automatically included in the child care enrolment.

Pre-populated Enrolments details

Automatic Overnight Updates

Every night, our Child Care Central ccs software queries the relevant Australian Government database and updates any changes to your parents or guardians child care subsidies and enrolment status. This means when you arrive at your office the next business day your system is up to date. You can then provide child care or outside school hour care estimates to parents or guardians with confidence that the figures you are quoting are up to date.

Want to get paid quickly and easily online?

Make it easy for parents to pay you with our redPAY payment gateway that provides fast and secure BPAY, Direct Debit options and real-time transactions.

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