Bookings and room management made simple.

Instantly know occupancy and availability with each room, each day, helping you ensure full utilisation at your child care service.

Manage Multiple Parents and Guardians

From the one booking screen you are able to see and manage shared parent or guardian care bookings. Assign distinct labels for each guardian, their name and child’s name together. At a glance you can see which are “Mum’s Days” and “Dad’s Days”.

The bookings are child-centric which makes it easier for the child care services as it’s the child in their care, not the parent.

Booking Screen shot showing 2 different guardians for one child on 2 different days.
Bookings that will come into effect in future

Forward Schedule Booking Changes

You are able to set up a booking that will come into effect at a set date in the future and automatically end date the current booking. This is a great feature for managing before and after school care during school term that changes into full time care during school holidays.

Child care service operators would use this feature to book in a child for more days when they become available in the future.

Rotating Bookings

Easily create rotating bookings based on one, two or more week cycles, often to accommodate shift workers, part-time or casual working parents. This provides flexibility for the parent and makes it easy for you and your team to see availability of places at your child care service.

Different bookings for Week 1 and Week 2
Multiple child care sessions booked for one day

Create Multiple Sessions in one day

With Child Care Central subsidy software you have the flexibility to create multiple care sessions in one day for a child that may or may not be government subsidised. This makes it easy to keep track of availability per room and maximise your enrolment numbers when you know which room has space. Being flexible at your child care service means greater appeal to families seeking child care for their child.

Bookings integrated with your Bus Roll

Link a bus pick up or drop off with a child’s booking and have that automatically populate your bus roll each day.  It’s a convenient way to know for sure that you have all the children you need to collect and transport on your list.

Want to get paid quickly and easily online?

Make it easy for parents to pay you with our redPAY payment gateway that provides fast and secure BPAY, Direct Debit options and real-time transactions.

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