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Child Care Central will always be CCS compliant.

Automatic Overnight Updates

Each and every night, Child Care Central software queries the relevant government database and updates any changes to parent and guardian ccs enrolments or subsidies. The following day your child care system is up to date and any changes are highlighted for your information. The big plus with this, is that you can provide child care fee estimates to parents with confidence that the figures you are quoting are up to date.

Times CCSS submissions were logged

Uploading Logs

Using Child Care Central ccs software enables logging of all child care subsidy submissions and outcomes that go to government for your service. This way, you know for sure if the government has received your data. Child Care Central is an approved ccs software provider. So there’s no missing files or blind trust in a system. At Child Care Central we to give you the confidence the data from your child care service or outside school hours care service is processed. For us — and for you — it’s great peace of mind.

Vacancy Reporting

To meet your requirement of regularly submitting child care vacancy reports to the CCS system, Child Care Central software has built in smarts to make this easy to do. Ensuring your service has up to date vacancy reporting is vital for running a successful child care business. Using the reporting features in Child Care Central ccs software is the best way to ensure smooth operations and meeting compliance requirements.

7 day schedule showing days where there are vacancies
Buttons used to submit CCSS data to government in real-time

Real-time submissions

Did you know that some CCS software programs batch their submission files and process at a later time that suits their needs? Not Child Care Central ccs software.  With our ccs software your submissions happen in real time. Seconds later, department systems can start processing them. That’s what we call flexible.

First online CCMS Provider

Back in 2008 after the Redbourne Group acquired Child Care Central we undertook a major upgrade launching it as the first web-based child care system software. We’re experienced with CCMS and now CCS. Ultimately what drives us is making it easier for our clients to run their child care business successfully with user friendly and intuitive child care management and ccs software.

Innovative Award-winning program

The Redbourne Group won an Australian Business Award in 2008 in the category of e-business technical solution because of the success of child care central software exceeding the needs of customers. The award recognised Australia’s industry leaders and their success, innovation and ethics.

Migrating to our CCS Software

Centre based care services and OSHC Services commenced using CCS Compliant Software from 2 July 2018 in order to be able to process payments. If your current ccs software is not as smart or user friendly as you would like and need, get in touch for a demonstration of Child Care Central ccs software. Our migration process to our ccs software is seamless.

Want to get paid quickly and easily online?

Make it easy for parents to pay you with our redPAY payment gateway that provides fast and secure BPAY, Direct Debit options and real-time transactions.

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