redPAY has the solution to get the money your business is owed. 

Are you constantly asking for payment you are owed?

Tired of checking bank statements to see if invoices have been paid?

Move to redPAY to streamline all your payment transactions. No more asking.

redPAY is the integrated software solution to help your business manage invoices and receipts with all the latest payments received.

Simply by activating the redPAY software customers can quickly and easily manage future payments via Direct Debit or BPay.

No more asking for invoices to be paid. Once set up, redPAY processes payments via Direct Debit or BPay automatically. You can reissue a payment request at the click of a button. As a business owner, you can decide how the low transaction fees are paid.

With seamless integration, Australian based support, redPAY is the financial payment gateway businesses can trust. Managed and owned by the Redbourne Group, the respected and reliable software solutions company, redPAY was developed to provide secure financial payment methods for all size businesses.

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redPAY is part of the Redbourne Group of brands. An Australian owned software as a service company, located in Brisbane. The brands include Child Care Central CCS Software, Harmony Web CCS SoftwarerediCASE and Redbourne Business Services.