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Get paid faster – Increase revenue using the redPAY direct debit and direct credit facility.  Fees are automatically processed when due ensuring that you receive payments quickly and regularly, minimising arrears and bad debts.

Unlike most other electronic payment facilities utilised in the Child Care industry, when you use redPAY, the full invoice amount is collected (not just a set regular amount). So if a parent/guardian uses additional sessions, you won’t miss out on this additional revenue!
Another very unique benefit of redPAY is it’s fully integrated into Child Care Central streamlining your administration processes and saving you time.   


Parent/guardians who receive Centrelink payments can still use Centrepay and have Centrelink pay their child care fees by having a regular amount deducted from their Centrelink payment.

What are the benefits?

  • Fee collection with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency. Fees paid on time, every time. No need to waste valuable administration time chasing up parents or updating parent account balances manually in your child care management software. Everything is done automatically.
  • Reduced risks and costs associated with cash handling at your premises.
  • Quick and easy set up process, integrated in Child Care Central, no need to learn another system.
  • Your choice to absorb the payment processing fees or to opt for a user pays strategy and pass these charges to parent/guardians who want to take advantage of redPAY.
  • Reliable, safe and secure payment processing facility.
  • Convenient for parent/guardians, peace of mind that they will always be up to date with their child care fees.

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