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Service Administration

How much easier would the running of your child care service be if you could have a team of professionals working in the background?

Child Care Central Service Administration means that our team can attend to administration tasks on behalf of your service, freeing you up to focus on your staff and relationships with parents and children.

We can process on your behalf all enrolments, attendances, invoices, bookings, rolls, CCMS reporting and checking, etc. We can even provide courtesy calls to parents to remind them of their outstanding fees.

What are the benefits?

We will work in partnership with your service to meet the needs of your customers. We can provide consistent quality processes and premium customer service based on our own extensive industry experience.

Child Care staff are busy. Parents are busy. We can ease the load and be contacted via phone, email, fax or mail to accommodate you. We safely store electronic copies of your records for easy reference. Our service can help prevent income loss and benefit other families needing child care.

You stay in touch and in control. InfoHUB will tell you when things are done and any issues you need to address.

How much does it cost?

Services Administration is here to make your life easier and not load you down with further costs. Child Care Central’s Services Administration is priced at a low ‘cents per session’ basis, and is therefore set on a simple ‘user pays’ model.

Child Care Central’s vision is to become a partner in the success of your business, so the busier you are, the busier we are. Contact us for a full price list.

Courtesy Call Service

If you choose to purchase the Service Administration product you can elect to have Child Care Central make Courtesy Call payment reminders to parent/guardians on your behalf.



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