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Child Care Central understands that your time is precious, and so we are available to assist in arranging other tasks that arise in your daily business.

Child Care Central’s specialised Concierge service is available exclusively to clients who purchase the full suite of Child Care Central services.

What are the benefits?

Concierge allows you to utilise Child Care Central’s knowledge and experience to help you complete any task related to the running of your child care business.

Child Care services utilising Concierge will be able to email a request, and a Child Care Central staff member will action the request on your behalf.

The service will receive the reply and information related to the request through the InfoHUB.

What does it cost?

Concierge service is a free service for clients who have purchased the full suite of Child Care Central services. Child Care Central does not pay for the items on your behalf, but will process the vendor payments if required through the Financial Administration service. Please contact us for more information.



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