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Financial Administration

Child Care Central's Financial Administration is more than just a bookkeeper. We prepare and pay accounts payable, financial reports and maintain vendor records.

  • Paying all your bills, submitting claims for subsidies, reconciling subsidy payments
  • Maintaining and updating vendor records
  • Provide timely financial reports to management/owner/committee

What are the benefits?

At Child Care Central, we know how busy your staff are, and how expensive it can be to have your Accountant and Bookkeeper process the day to day administration tasks required to keep on top of the growing number of vendors (suppliers) required in the running of your child care service.

Child Care Central can help to ease some of this burden, and reduce the stress of managing your financial affairs. It can also help to minimise the time spent away from the children, parents and staff who are the most important building blocks of your business.

Never have to worry about producing your financial reports on time again. Child Care Central provides the following end of period service reports:

  • Profit and Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • BAS Worksheet Report
  • CCMS Submitted Attendances Report showing total fees earned
  • Child Care Benefit (CCB) and JET funding received
  • Total Gap fees

All reports are quickly accessible through your own InfoHub. We can manage your financial affairs quickly and easily and offer a fully integrated administration system that is affordable and easy to access.

At all times, you will remain in full control of your financial accounts and provide authorisation for each transaction we make on your behalf. Every task completed is fully visible in the Child Care Central software, and at all times, you are able to complete any of the tasks yourself.

Never lose control of past documentation, with the InfoHub Document Library, every financial report, bill, invoice, vendor (supplier) details and documentation is electronically available immediately.

How much does it cost?

Please contact us for a full price list.



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